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  • July 16th 2019
    Well seeker 1.5.8 released. A substantial upgrade with many new options
  • May 23rd 2019
    Engineering 2.5.5 released. A substantial upgrade with many new options
  • May 22nd 2019
    Well Seeker Pro 1.5.7 released with 8 new options and minor enhancements
  • April 11th 2019
    Well Seeker Pro 1.5.6 released. another substantial upgrade with many new options
  • April 11th 2019
    Engineering 2.5.4 released with 9 new options and minor improvements

Innova - Oilfield Engineering & Software

Innova Drilling and Intervention is a dynamic and innovative Oilfield Engineering company, based in Houston, Texas and with offices in Aberdeen, Scotland. We are committed to providing practical solutions to the Drilling and Well Intervention sectors of the Oil and Gas industry.

Innova provide both Industry Leading Software and Professional Engineering Services for Well Planning & Well Engineering Applications.

Software: Well Seeker Pro

Innova Well Seeker Pro is the complete Directional Drilling, Well Planning and Reporting software solution. Advanced well planning and anti-collision capability coupled with an intuitive interface, Well-Seeker Pro is the next generation of drilling software.
Well seeker pro 1
Well Seeker Pro 2
Well seeker pro 3
Innova Well Seeker Pro establishes a new industry standard directional drilling and well planning package with unrivalled speed and functionality. Well-Seeker Pro integrates high performance 2D & 3D graphics with a powerful database engine that allows the user to easily store and visualize their well trajectories as well as perform complex well planning and anti-collision calculations.

  • Comprehensive Well Path Planning
  • Real Time Anti-Collision
  • Wellbore Visualization
  • Geomagnetic Modelling
  • Integrated Geo-steering functionality
  • Standard Reporting features
  • Integrated Daily Reporting
  • Database Analytics Tool
  • Well AFE Designer
  • Suited to both Office and Field based use
  • Asset Management
  • Both local and SQL Server database options available
More information on our Well Seeker Pro software

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Software: Innova Engineering

Innova Engineering is a powerful piece of drilling software designed to aid operators and Service Company’s deal with the challenges todays drilling industry presents. From the planner onshore to the field engineers on the rig, Innova engineering provides a complete solution in one simple and easy to use package.
Innova Engineering 1
Innova Engineering 2
Innova Engineering 3
Innova Engineering combines the power of multiple packages into one which greatly speeds up the planning process and removes duplication of data entry. Innova Engineering really is the all in one package to plan and drill your well successfully.
Innova Engineering Features:

Innova Engineering software includes the following features:
Stacks Image 191130
Hydraulics Module
Stacks Image 191131
Torque & Drag Module
Stacks Image 191132
SAG Correction & BHA Analysis Module
Stacks Image 191139
Survey Correction & QC Module
Casing Design
Stacks Image 191156
Magnetic Interference Calculator Module
Stacks Image 191157
Casing Standoff and Centralizer Spacing Module
Stacks Image 191158
Jar Placement Module
Stacks Image 191165
Cementing Design
Well Control

Professional Engineering Services

Our Professional Services division is a contract Well Planning and Well Engineering service. An experienced team of industry professionals utilising Innova’s industry-leading software provide a cost effective Well Engineering Solution to meet all of your well construction and engineering needs.
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Engineering Services 2
Engineering Services 3
Available Services Include:
Stacks Image 786746
Well Planning
Stacks Image 786747
Anti-collision Scanning
Stacks Image 786748
Bit Selection
Stacks Image 786755
Offset Well review
Stacks Image 786772
Torque & Drag Calculations
Stacks Image 786773
Hydraulics Calculations
Stacks Image 786774
BHA Design, Analysis & Optimisation
Stacks Image 786781
Casing Program Design
Stacks Image 786798
Survey Correction & QC
Stacks Image 786799
SAG Corrections
Stacks Image 786800
Market Analysis Report
Stacks Image 786807
Technical / Commercial Reviews
Work is charged at competitive rates on a quote by quote basis.
Innova Well Engineering Solutions provides a flexible and cost effective solution to all well engineering requirements. Using this ‘pay-as-you-go’ or ‘per-project’ service provides customers access to industry leading software and a team of highly skilled engineers.

More Information on our Professional Engineering Services
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