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  • July 16th 2019
    Well seeker 1.5.8 released. A substantial upgrade with many new options
  • May 23rd 2019
    Engineering 2.5.5 released. A substantial upgrade with many new options
  • May 22nd 2019
    Well Seeker Pro 1.5.7 released with 8 new options and minor enhancements
  • April 11th 2019
    Well Seeker Pro 1.5.6 released. another substantial upgrade with many new options
  • April 11th 2019
    Engineering 2.5.4 released with 9 new options and minor improvements


Innova provides the leading digital solution for today's Oil & Gas industry. From well planning and engineering, to drilling and optimisation, asset tracking and maintenance scheduling, reporting and data driven analytics - Innova delivers the one-stop drilling software solution.

As each user performs their individual task, this wealth of digital information is captured and aggregated on a centralized client database. Management and key decision makers have complete oversight of operations at their fingertips, and can leverage this knowledge to optimize performance with truly informed decisions.

The Innova software suite creates a streamlined workflow, negating the need for multiple software packages and avoiding duplication of data entry. Efficiencies created by use of Innova’s platform deliver significant cost savings and pronounced performance gains.

  • Conduct analysis of offset well performance utilizing Innova’s powerful database with detailed well analytics tools
  • Repeat the successes
  • Don’t make the same mistakes again
  • Identify the optimum drill bits / motors / BHA's to deliver success
  • Capture learnings and KPI’s to consistently optimize drilling performance
  • Gain location / formation specific knowledge and leverage to optimize performance from project planning to well TD

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  • Utilize Innova’s software to take a pre-emptive approach to managing potential risks to the drilling process
  • Innova’s AFE builder identifies weakness in offset well depth time curves enabling engineers to quickly identify where time was lost and where it could be gained

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  • Factor in possible risks, and assign probabilities to determine the optimum plan
  • Innova’s user-friendly software empowers users to monitor predicted and actual engineering results to capture real time divergence and hazard identification

  • Equip well placement specialists at the Rig Site and in RTOC’s with the leading directional drilling software
  • Real time comparison of actual drilling data, through Innova’s powerful visualization tools, enables engineers to optimize performance
  • Equip drilling engineers, superintendents and asset managers with the data and analytics capabilities enabling performance management in real time.
  • Drilling heatmap provides clear visualization to tune optimum drilling parameters, and ensure you maintain the drilling sweet spot
  • Lessons learned and observations can be logged and implemented rapidly. Real time data can be acted upon to mitigate problems such as well bore stability.
  • Using Innova’s powerful integrated software from project planning to TD not only delivers optimum drilling performance but does so consistently

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  • Dynamic real time anti-collision functionality with industry leading proximity detection algorithms plus powerful visualization provides early warning to potential hazards and allows the safe delivery of directional wells

  • Manage your entire operations from one integrated software platform. Full visibility enables the making of better, faster, data-driven decisions and allows your team to monitor and react in real time

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  • Remote DD Dashboard displays live MWD toolface data and auto calculated live bit projection
  • Measure and optimize performance through the use of RT effective toolface and automatic slide grade
  • Measure drillers performance and determine time at optimal toolface setting
  • Auto Rig State Detection classifies slide / rotate intervals including periods of drill string oscillation
  • Monitor multiple wells simultaneously utilizing Innova’s Real Time Anti-collision Dashboard
  • Broadcast and receive WITS data and plot drilling parameters for real time monitoring

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  • Reporting features are integrated negating the need for duplication of data entry
  • Drilling data captured at the well site is output in detailed drilling reports and sent to predefined distribution lists at the click of a button
  • Central SQL database is updated in real time via data exchange from all local field databases

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  • Track tool health and battery life in real time for your entire operational fleet
  • Update in real time with the latest run info from the rig site

  • Track assets globally in a single integrated software platform
  • Get total visibility of all asset location, run history, condition, maintenance schedule

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