Innova Wireline Drilling Systems


In today’s oil and gas industry, economically maximising the production of hydrocarbons from existing wells is becoming increasingly important. After extended periods of production, many oil and gas wells suffer from a skin effect whereby further production is hindered by near wellbore formation damage effectively blocking the path from the reservoir to the wellbore. Further, wells may suffer increasing water cut or become watered out, stranding pools of unproduced hydrocarbons.

During the life of a production well, work overs may be undertaken to alleviate the skin effects. Traditional methods of work over include (but are not limited to), in increasing cost order : acid stimulation, re-perforation, radial jetting, re-running completions and side-tracking. For a well that has watered out, usually only a side-track is an effective remediation and often the cost of the side-track does not result in economic incremental production.

The most effective methods of increasing production generally require the most investment of both time and money. Wells often require repeated work over and many of the above methods of intervention produce significantly poorer results the more often they are performed.

Innova have developed a new method of well intervention which should prove to be considerably cheaper and more effective than many of the existing methods. The Innova system is in essence a wireline drilling system, allowing the operator to drill many short laterals out of an existing wellbore without the need for a workover or drilling rig.

The system is comprised of a number of elements:

  • A small diameter polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit
  • High power electric motor to provide power to the bit
  • An impellor to provide circulation through the bit and remove cuttings from the wellbore
  • A cuttings storage basket to store the cuttings from the wellbore within the tool
  • Wireline tractor to provide weight on bit (WOB)
  • Control electronics for the above
  • Wireline unit at surface to provide power and control

The system is designed to drill short (~100ft) laterals from an existing wellbore from both open and cased hole. This report provides details of the system and development to date.
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