Innova Survey management Services Press Release

Innova, DigiDrill and Bardasz launch True-Path Survey Management Services

Houston, February 27, 2018
Innova, a premier oilfield software supplier, Digidrill, with extensive experience in drilling data collection, and Bardasz, an oilfield technology solutions provider, have entered an alliance for the provision of survey correction services.

True-Path Survey Management Services

Innova with its expertise in survey correction software has built the progressive modules into its existing Innova Engineering software package. Utilizing a state of the art RTOC, survey specialists and Innova software, we provide the premier survey correction service for the domestic drilling market.

We deliver fit-for-purpose survey management services designed to integrate into our customer's existing workflows. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to know the "True-Path" of all your wells. By seamlessly leveraging our technology, procedures and domain expertise, our Drilling Knowledge Lab delivers cost-effective 24/7 services to customers anywhere in the world. This RTOC approach allows us to investigate and define the challenge, delivering best results for a lower cost than other competitors in the market.
True Path 1
True Path 2
True Path 3

About Innova Drilling and Intervention, Ltd.

Innova provide the premier well planning and drilling engineering software solution for today's oil and gas industry. With exceptional functionality and an intuitive yet powerful interface, Innova delivers an innovative and cost effective solution for Operators and Service Providers alike.

About Digital Drilling Data Systems, LLC

With extensive experience in drilling data collection, aggregation, and presentation. DigiDrill has become a world leader in MWD logging software with approximately 1,200 licenses sold in North America, the Middle East, Malaysia, Australia, and Russia.

About Bardasz Group, LLC

Bardasz is an oilfield technology solutions provider that helps operators identify and solve operational inefficiencies. We are a team of energy experts with combined experience of more than 100 years in the global oil and gas industry; we understand what is important to operators, from Health Safety and Environment to the bottom line.

True-Path Survey Management Brochure

The Survey Management brochure is available by scrolling within in the PDF viewer below: Mobile viewers should use Landscape mode. It can also be downloaded using the button beneath.
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