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Innova Well Seeker Pro & Innova Engineering Software Support

Innova Well-Seeker Pro and Innova Engineering software can be supplemented with varying levels of support. Free email support is included in the cost of an annual licence and can be extend to dedicated 24/7 support billed at an hourly rate or projects billed at a fixed rate.

Level 1 Support

Annual software licence fee entitles user to email support. This free of charge support extends to email response to basic questions within 48 hours.

Level 2 Support

Enhanced support consists of a dedicated email address and a guarantee of response to all questions within 8 hours. This service is charged as follows:

  • 1 user level 2 support $1,000 / year
  • 4-6 users level 2 support $3,000 / year
  • 6-10 users level 2 support $5,000 / year
  • 11-25 users level 2 support $10,000 / year
  • 26-50 users level 2 support $20,000 / year
  • Over 50 users – Contact Innova
*Note: Level 2 support consists of support regarding use of customer software, it does not cover Innova generating projects from scratch or running software and providing results to customer. This is covered under Level 3 support.

Level 3 Support

Dedicated support gives access to the Innova Well Engineering Solutions department. Where experienced industry professionals can provide round the clock advice and where required / requested run software calculations. The results are then sent to customer in the form of complete report and/or and an Innova project file allowing customer to import the working file and generate results.

Dedicated support from the Innova Well Engineering department is charged at $200 / hr or at agreed fixed contract price.

All Pricing is in United States Dollars and is not inclusive of VAT.
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