Innova’s Well Seeker Pro is the complete well planning software solution. Advanced well planning and anti-collision capability coupled with an intuitive interface Well Seeker Pro is the next generation of well planning software.
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Innova’s Well Seeker Pro is a high performance well planning and survey management package designed for use by Directional Drilling Contractors, Operators and Well Engineering Companies. The software integrates high performance 2D & 3D graphics with a powerful database engine that allows the user to easily store and visualize their well trajectories as well as perform complex well planning and anti-collision calculations. Well Seeker PRO offers exceptional performance at a competitive price with all the features expected of an industry leading well planning package.
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Comprehensive Well Path Planning

  • Full range of easy to use 2D & 3D well planning methods including:
    • Dogleg Tool Face
    • Build and Turn
    • Optimum Align using Curve-Hold-Curve or Curve-Curve
    • Line up on Target at specified inc / azi
    • One click S-Well and Slant Well construction
  • Supports multiple target geometries including:
    • Simple 2D circular and Elliptical
    • Point & Rectangular
    • Complex 3D multi point Polygonal
  • Create Drillers Targets based on error models, well trajectory & required confidence
  • Supports advanced well planning for all applications; from simple vertical exploration wells to complex multi-laterals

Anti-Collision Tools

  • Perform anti-collision scans using industry leading proximity detection algorithm
  • Calculate ellipse of uncertainty (EOU) using full range of ISCWSA MWD and Gyro error models
  • Error outputs and Centre to Centre distances validated against ISCWSA standard well paths to < 0.1% error
  • Anti-collision scans can be run interactively during planning and drilling phases on multiple actual wells / plans
  • User defined warning criteria and alerts can be set to notify of potential collision risk
  • Casing and hole diameters can be included in separation factor calculation in order increase accuracy. Especially important for top hole drilling with large diameter surface casing.
  • Ability to create custom Instrument Performance Models (IPM)
  • Error output sigma level can be selected by the user
  • Real Time AC feature allows monitoring of multiple offset wells and distance to lease lines
  • Anti-collision tools such as travelling cylinder view and ladder plot update in real time as additional surveys are entered
  • Advanced anti-collision visualisation tools available including:
    • Ladder Plot
    • Separation Factor Plot
    • Travelling Cylinder Plot

Powerful Database

  • Built on a powerful database engine which allows storage and navigation for an unlimited number of actual wells and plans
  • Easy navigation of database through familiar tree view
  • Import and export of data allows easy transfer of wells and plans from office locations to the field

Wellbore Visualization

  • Fully customisable, advanced and powerful 3D plotting capability
    • Plan View (Top Down) Plot
    • Section View (Side On) Plot
    • 3D Plot
    • Spider Plot with interactive TVD slice control
    • Azimuth Comparison Plot (Azimuth vs MD)
    • Inclination Comparison Plot (Inclination vs MD)
    • Dogleg Comparison Plot (Dogleg vs MD)
    • Live View Plot
      • Fly down well’ 3D chart feature
  • Print directly to multiple image formats including PDF / jpg / bmp / png.
  • Copy directly to clipboard allowing images to be quickly added to word, excel & PowerPoint documents
  • Wall Plot Composer (WPC) allows the user to create customisable wall plots which can include data tables.
  • Pre-defined plot sizes range from A0 to A7 with a user defined option also available.

Geomagnetic Modelling

  • Includes World Magnetic Model (WMM) and International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) model as standard
  • Supports British Geological Survey Global Geomagnetic Model (BGGM)
    • available only to full BGGM license holders
  • Supports High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM)
    • available only to full HDGM license holders

Standard Reporting Features

  • User defined reports include:
    • Standard Survey reports
    • Geographic Survey reports
    • Anti-Collision reports
    • Ellipse of uncertainty (EOU) reports
  • Exports to fully customisable PDF and Excel reports
  • Wall Plot Composer
  • Drill String Editor allows the user to add BHAs to plans and surveys and output excel BHA reports

Integrated Geosteering Functionality

  • Visualise formation top and target depths
  • customisable outputs in both 2D and 3D charts
  • Provides clear visual updates of drilling corridor to directional driller
  • Update and model geological target corridor based on real time updates
  • Quickly create offset plans based on real time geosteering updates

Integrated Daily Reporting Features

Fully Integrated within Innova’s Well Seeker Pro are advanced custom daily reporting and performance reporting features including:

  • Daily Drilling Reports
  • Daily Cost Reports
  • Well Cost Reports
  • Tool Inventory
  • Tool Utilisation Reports
  • Pipe Tally
  • End of Well Reports
  • KPI Tracking
  • BHA Reports
  • BHA Performance Reports
  • Generate and output detailed reports at the click of a button
  • Easily create and output custom reports and charts

Additional Features

  • Supports data import / export from 3rd party software platforms
  • Ability to import COMPASS XML export files at the click of a button
  • Supports WITS & WITSML connectivity
  • Directional Difficulty Index (DDI) calculator
  • Motor Yield Calculator

Additional UI Features

  • Copy & Paste - Very quick and easy to add large surveys to the software - copy and paste directly from excel or txt files
  • Export files can be generated quickly at any level on the database tree
  • Quick and easy to create and switch between new databases


  • Well-Seeker Pro is a full featured directional drilling, well planning and reporting package providing a cost-efficient solution that raises significantly the standard for well planning software.
  • When combined with the Innova Engineering package, Well-Seeker Pro provides both operators and service providers with a complete software solution for advanced well planning and engineering.

Includes Criterion Directional Guidance System Capability

Criterion directional guidance system is available for license within Innova’s Well Seeker Pro. Criterion, developed by RigMinder, is a highly advanced directional guidance system. Criterion automates the directional drilling process, providing consistent repeatable results and ultimately minimizes risks and lowers well construction costs.

Key features include:
  • Automatic bit projections – handles magnetic tool faces, gravity tool faces and a combination of both
  • Automatic Slide Sheets – auto populates slide sheets from WITS data utilizing rig state detection
  • Automatic Survey Population – via WITS
  • Automatic Steering Directive
  • Live effective tool face - utilizes real time tool faces and real time slide distances to show a true effective tool face
  • Automates Geosteering updates – wellpath can be easily adjusted based upon Geosteering updates in real time
  • Motor yield analysis – can correlate motor yield with formations / BHA type / portion of the well
  • Advanced rosebud – shows well / bit position and slide directive on a single screen
  • Increased awareness – auto calculates rotary influence, motor yield and DLS to land in real time and displayed to the driller
  • Full integration – part of Innova’s Well Seeker Pro
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