Innova has developed a suite of functional, low cost but highly effective drilling software programmes. These products are designed to be used by a broad spectrum of oil field personnel including Drilling Engineers, Directional Drillers, MWD Engineers, Well Planners and many more.

Innova Engineering
Innova Engineering is a powerful piece of drilling software designed to aid operators and Service Company’s deal with the challenges todays drilling industry presents. From the planner onshore to the field engineers on the rig, Innova engineering provides a complete solution in one simple and easy to use package.

Innova Engineering combines the power of multiple packages in to one which greatly speeds up the planning process and removes duplication of data entry. With Hydraulics, Torque and Drag, SAG Correction, BHA Analysis, BHA magnetic Interference Calculator, Survey Correction & QC module, Innova Engineering really is the all in one package to plan and drill your well successfully.

Survey Correction
SAG Correction
BHA Analysis
BHA Magnetic Interference Calculation

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