Anyone with involvement in oil & gas exploration will attest that precision in drilling is a paramount key to achieving optimal production at the lowest cost. The ability to navigate through complex geological formations to find the ‘sweet spot’ in reserves for maximum resource extraction is crucial to the success and return on investment in all drilling operations.

Geosteering Defined

Geosteering is a technique used in the oil and gas industry to guide the trajectory of a well in real-time based on downhole data and geological information. The goal of geosteering is to optimize the placement of the wellbore within a targeted reservoir or rock formation, maximizing the production of hydrocarbons such as oil or natural gas.

Innova Integration

Innova Drilling & Intervention offer a game-changing advancement, in partnership with fellow data experts ROGII, with a geosteering integration that empowers drilling personnel to make dynamic adjustments to the well trajectory as target lines are updated and communicated in real-time.

How Geosteering Works

In the planning phase of a well, geologists provide the well planner with preliminary target points that are used to create the desired plan for drilling. These preliminary target points are a best guess based on various sources including offset data from wells drilled in the area and seismic data. When drilling commences, the directional driller follows this plan and keeps the wellbore as close as possible to its parameters (within a defined tolerance).

Once the initial sections of the well have been drilled and the lateral is entered, new data becomes available from downhole tools. Geologists interpret this new data, along with offset information they already have, to make dynamic changes to the plan to ensure the target formation is penetrated and the trajectory remains within it for the length of the lateral. Geosteering therefore maximizes exposure to the desired formation, assuring the best chance of project success.

Challenges of Traditional Geosteering Practices

Sound geosteering usually relies on a laborious degree of manual communication between geologists with an oversight of geological data from downhole tools and personnel on the rig performing drilling operations. This leads to delays in updating the target well trajectory, is prone to human error and lacks an open flow of information wherein all parties can observe changes in real time.

The Solution

Innova’s integration with ROGII ensures full visibility between geologists and directional drillers as geosteering target line updates are logged live in Innova’s Well Seeker Pro platform, which then automatically updates ROGII’s Starsteer platform with the new principle plan, removing the need for geologists to send manual communications from the office to rig personnel and vice versa.

This seamless closed loop flow of information provides assurance that ongoing drilling is always to the most up-to-date target line created by the geologists who monitor the data gathered from downhole tools, while drillers have real time visibility of updates to the target line.

This saves time associated with manual communications, reduces the likelihood of human error (if communications are misinterpreted) and ensures full traceability for all parties involved in the project. In practice, this methodology improves efficiency and thus optimizes drilling operations.

What it Means for the Industry

In an industry where every minute equals dollars spent and every operational decision has far-reaching economic implications, innovations in geosteering that actualize real-time data access with automatic updates ensure drilling operations are significantly more cost-effective than in the past. Not only is enhanced productivity a given, but budget-conscious operators now have full visibility on drilling performance for their entire portfolio at all times.

Further Information

In collaboration with ROGII, Innova Drilling & Intervention are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, traceability and precision of your geosteering operations whilst eliminating the possibility of human error. For further information about Innova’s geosteering capabilities or to request a trial of our software please Contact Us.

You can find further information about ROGII technology on their website.