Last year was a fantastic year for Innova innovations; with game-changing advancements across our Portal, Mobile App and API Integrations. With new features being churned out month-on-month, we would love to highlight some of our favourite updates for 2024 that are available now on Innova.

Drilling Connections Visualization

The brand-new Connection Analysis tool is now available for use on the Innova web portal. The functionality utilizes captured EDR data to provide users with a clear graphical representation of drilling connections.

Key functions include:

  • Comparison of connection times to calculated averages
  • Comparison of different crews
  • Identification of operations within the connection process where time losses can be eliminated
  • Comparison of connection times for different hole sizes
  • Comparison of different wells

Comparative Time & Depth Analysis

Significant advancements have been made to the Depth vs Time (DvT) chart on the Innova Web Portal. Powered by captured EDR Data, the DVT chart gains additional insight into areas including:

  • Overlay: Hole Depth & Bit Depth values visually represented in a depth-time curve
  • Classify & colour code chart metrics by :Phase, BHA or EDR Activity
  • Comprehensive real-time view of rig operations & timings over a well’s lifespan (i.e. not solely based upon hole depth)
  • Clear visualization of the time spent off bottom and tripping

Engineering Dashboard Updates

Max tripping speed is calculated based upon the surge & swab model and the minimum & maximum EMW (equivalent mud weight) user inputs. Key benefits include:

•            No requirement to limit tripping speeds based upon a single minimum value

•            Provides drillers with a roadmap for maximum tripping speeds based upon bit depth.

Calculated friction factor results use captured hookload & torque data to calculate the actual friction factors experienced. This data can be leveraged to compare offsets and streamline the planning and design of future wells.

Overlay Captured Real-Time Data on Hydraulics and Torque & Drag Plots

  • Populate from slide sheets and/or EDR data on to plots of pump pressure, drillers’ hookload and drillers’ torque-modelled data
  • Instantly identify pressure and friction factor deviations
  • Provides actionable data that allows users to remedy drilling issues at the earliest opportunity

EDR Portal Updates:

Capture the power of real-time EDR data on the Innova Web Portal:

  • Capture data in real-time via WITS/WITSML or use historical data uploaded directly from file
  • Manage EDR data using Innova’s management tools including: Start Reading, Upload, Export, Delete & Archive, Restore
  • Rig states are assigned to all EDR data, giving an intelligent and intuitive visualization of operations

Further Information

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