Quality Control of Drilling & Engineering Data

Quality Control for drilling & engineering data can be a time consuming, detail-heavy exercise that adds serious strain on resources and man hours to accomplish with complete accuracy.

On the back of user requests, we have implemented an advanced Data QC feature that gives administrators the ability to effortlessly highlight data entry issues with a simple export function for sending error job lists to the relevant parties.

The system checks for wells within a given date range that is user-defined, with a default setting of 28 days.

Feature Updates

The feature automatically flags the below errors to users with complete accuracy:

  • Blank Coordinator entries
  • Missing rig names on the Rig Details lists
  • Circulating or drilling bours incorrectly displaying greater values than BRT hours
  • Job numbers not matching the expected format
  • Lack of BHA comments that require input after instances of laid down / lost in hole
  • Lack of reasoning on BHA when 'pulled out of hole' is not selected after laid down / lost in hole values
  • Information missing pertaining to the make of an MWD in instances where an MWD tool has been input into the BHA
  • Information missing pertaining to the make of a motor in instances where a motor has been input to the BHA
  • Instances where the BHA has been laid out / LIH but the temperature has not been filled out on the slide sheet
  • BHA has been laid out / LIH and any of the following mud properties have not been entered: MW; Oil/Water ratio; Fluid Temp; Fluid Type

Further Information

Stay tuned for further feature updates and releases on the Innova suite!

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